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Launched in June of 2005, colo4jax is a facilities-based content and colocation network headquartered in Jacksonville, FL.

In case you're wondering where the rest of our website is, this is it. Clearly, our expertise is in provisioning, maintenance, administration, and troubleshooting of Jacksonville colocation infrastructure, and not in website development. Since we're not experts in graphic design, you won't see many graphics. What you will see is a brief description of our company, what we do, and why you should choose us.

colo4jax specializes in Jacksonville colocation and dedicated services. Our network easily surpasses the capacity of most of the companies in Jacksonville who claim to be carriers. Companies like Time Warner Telecom, Telcove, Nuvox, FDN, Paetec and ITC Deltacom, all have transit port capacity that pales in comparison to our own. colo4jax handles more customer traffic in this market than all of those companies combined. When we opened our doors in 2005, we were the only company in Jacksonville with multiple Gigabit Ethernet transit ports, and we still are today. Do you trust our competitors with their overloaded OC3s?

Our technical expertise is second to none. Our proprietary hardware, software, and methods of service delivery provide a level of service that is simply unparalleled in this market. We work harder and smarter. The experience of our engineering staff dates back to the mid-90s, when BSDi was the only sensible choice for hosting, and full T1s cost $3500 per month. Oh have the times changed. Today, GigE and OC48 handoffs are common-place. Routing and switching gear is no longer rated by the thousands of packets per second, but by the millions. Some companies are still stuck in the mid-90s; do you trust them?

colo4jax was formed to fill a void, both in the local and the international market. The local market consists only of second-rate datacenters who have inadequate capacity, inadequate routing hardware, and staff with inadequate technical competence. If you believe some of our local competitors, they'll convince you that it's too difficult to let you maintain your own reverse DNS records, because they still haven't figured out how to administer BIND. If you trust our local competition, you'll be trusting them not to clump all of their customers into one huge broadcast domain. While some customers don't know how to, or don't care to check these things, many are discerning and have made the switch to colo4jax.

Internationally, dedicated servers and colocation is big business. We continue to take our share of this market, by providing our competence and attentiveness to customers around the clock. colo4jax is innovating. We are perfecting proprietary devices, software, and methods that simply cannot be found anywhere else. The savings we incur equate to savings for our customers.

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